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Solar panel maintenance will keep  your panels running as efficiently as possible by getting rid of any obstructions. Debris such as dust, dirt, pollen, and bird droppings might be collecting on the panel and blocking out sunlight. If you live in a dusty environments or windy region it may be necessary to clean your panels more often.

Solar Electric Systems

There is a 30% Federal Tax credit available. These systems use high tech materials to transform the suns energy into Direct Current (DC), and an Inverter is installed in-line before the existing electric meter to transform it to the needed Alternative Current (AC) that your power company provides. The system usually mounts above the roof surface so the air can move under the panels to cool them off for better efficiency. You can remove/lower any portion of your electric bill, from 100% on down to fit your budget/roof area available. When you turn “ON” the Solar, and see the electric meter “run backwards”, it is a great site/feeling

Swimming Pool Solar

This system heats up the pool water generally utilizing the existing pool pump to push the water to the roof and back. There is no extra cost to run this system, since the pool pump motor is scheduled to run 365 days a year anyway. The panels are usually made of plastic, and sit flush (very low profile) to the roof. You can expect a properly sized system to give you swim-able type water for about 5-7 months a year. Newer pools usually have electronic controls needed for operation. If not, an auxiliary control and components can easily be installed

Domestic Hot Water

With the newly enacted Federal Tax Credit (30 %), a Domestic Hot Water System is your best Solar investment to date.
There are about 3 main types of configurations available on the market today, generally made of a metal enclosure and copper piping on the inside.

Passive Domestic:

Passive Domestic means simply that you install a 1 or a 2-panel system occupying only about 40-80 square feet of roof area. This unit does NOT consume any non-renewable power source. It does not need any pumps, or does it need any electronic controls. It utilizes the water pressure from the city you live in to allow the cold water (52 degrees) to be re-diverted to the panel (s) first, and then flows back to the existing water heater very HOT, thus allowing it to pass directly to the faucet WITHOUT making the gas or electric heat it up. Return on investment is usually about 3-4 years.

Active Domestic:

Active Domestic Hot water Solar types mean you need a holding tank located typically in the garage area, next to the existing water heater. In addition, there is a pump, sensors, wiring, and an electronic control to regulate the flow to the panels. It circulates the water from the holding tank to the panels on the roof where the temperature increases before traveling  back down to the hot water heater  where it displaces the cooler water and starts the cycle again.

Heat Exchanger Active Domestic System

Heat Exchange Active Domestic System, uses a heat transfer fluid to “exchange” the heat from the panels to the holding tank. It needs multiple pumps and controls and electronics to function properly.

Tankless Water Heaters

These units are very small and very efficient. They also carry a Federal Tax break on most models. They are better suited for the customer who uses natural gas for the heating purposes. They can be mounted inside the house, garage, or even on the out-side of the structure. They provide “endless hot water” and never run out. If this system is incorporated with a Domestic Passive Hot Water Solar system, you virtually eliminate the cost of heating your hot water.

Panel Cleaning

Scheduling regular maintenance plans will help keep  your electric bill down.
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