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Swimming pools can dramatically improve a person or family’s lifestyle. They are an outlet for families to spend quality time together, they are a safe and fun place for kids to play, and they are a great excuse to have a neighborhood party. If your swimming pool is frequently too cold to swim in, then you are missing out on these great experiences. Thanks to SOLAR HEATING you can have the backyard lifestyle that you’ve always wanted without being burdened with sky high monthly heating bills.

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Benefits of Solar Pool Heating System


  • Solar Saves on Pool Heating Costs

    Energy costs continue to rise. In the last two years alone, the price of natural gas has almost quadrupled. On the other hand, the sun’s energy is FREE, and more and more pool owners are taking advantage of this opportunity to save money and avoid future price increases.

  • Solar Requires Less Maintenance

    Unlike gas and electric heaters, which should be serviced by a technician at the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule, a solar heater requires only once a year checkup. Again, that means LESS COST and LESS HASSLE for the pool owner.

  • Solar Equipment is Durable

    Solar equipment often lasts longer than gas or electric heaters. With proper yearly maintenance, you can expect your natural gas fuel heaters to last seven to 10 years. Most gas heaters come with a two-year warranty, and well-made heat pumps carry a two-year warranty with five years on the compressors. Solar panels have a minimum 10-year warranty and generally last 15 to 20 years long.

  • Solar Energy is Good for the Environment

    These days we hear a lot about the damaging effect that burning fossil fuels is having on the environment. Burning fuels releases nitrogen oxides that cause the formation of smog in urban areas. Urban smog, which is worse on warm and sunny days, affects people with respiratory problems such as asthma. Using solar energy instead of burning fossil fuels can help reduce this smog. Burning fuels also produces carbon dioxide, the main cause of climate change. Replacing a natural gas or propane heater with a solar heater could stop three to 10 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each swimming season. That’s about the same amount produced by operating your car for one year!

  • Solar Extends Your Swimming Season

    A properly sized solar heating system will get you swimming earlier in the spring and later into the fall. If you have an existing heater, you can keep your pool warmer and open longer with free energy from the sun.

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“Codella Solar is excellent! Reasonable prices and quick service. They are very knowledgeable about all things solar and got our pool solar running on the first visit. They also came out for a subsequent visit to help me reset my programming box. I highly recommend this company!”


“Codella Solar was awesome to work with. They are very professional and did excellent work. My pool is 85-90 in the summer and the kids love it. Well worth going with Codella because they know what they’re doing and they’re for sure the experts when it comes to pool solar and solar panels in general.”


Aaron was knowledgeable and pleasant. We purchased a home that already had solar electric and hot water, but probably hadn’t been serviced in many years. He quoted us for cleaning and tune up and handled it that day, resulting in a 25% increase in power output.


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Codella Solar & Associates guarantees quality and performance on every installation. That’s why we only work with the industry leading solar manufactures!

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