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About Us

Our company has provided more than 9,500 satisfied solar service repairs, 3,600 swimming pool solar systems and 2,000 domestic solar water heating installations, and thousands of watts of solar electric systems. Our goal is to continue to provide expert solar solutions for residents and businesses within Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties.


  • Domestic Hot Water

    With the newly enacted Federal Tax Credit (30 %) , a Domestic Hot Water System is your best Solar investment to date. There are about 3 main types of configurations available on the market today, generally made of a metal enclosure and copper piping on the inside.

  • Swimming Pool Solar

    This system heats up the pool water generally utilizing the existing pool pump to push the water to the roof and back. There is no extra cost to run this system, since the pool pump motor is scheduled to run 365 days a year anyway. The panels are usually made of plastic, and sit flush (very low profile) to the roof.

  • Tank-less Heaters

    These units are very small and very efficient. They also carry a Federal Tax break on most models. They are better suited for the customer who uses natural gas for the heating purposes. They can be mounted inside the house, garage, or even on the out-side of the structure. They provide ?endless hot water? and never run out.

  • Solar Electric

    These systems use high tech materials to transform the suns energy into Direct Current (DC), and an Inverter is installed in-line before the existing electric meter to transform it to the needed Alternative Current (AC) that your power company provides.